For every minute spent organizing an hour is earned.

Let us help you make the best out of your time!


For home organizing, packing to move and unpacking into a new home, we have the following rates:


  • Working day of 6 hours                              Fr. 500 per day
  • Working day of 4 or 5 hours                      Fr. 90 per hour
  • Working day of minimum 3 hours          Fr. 100 per hour


We care about our client’s time and money therefore, we work fast and efficiently to maximize the value of our work.


We always try to give you a service that will fit your budget.

Rates for photo organizing

Photo Digitizing

The rates for scanning your photos  are as follow:

  • Scanning at 300 dpi, JPEG: Fr. 0.30 per photo
  • Scanning at 600 dpi, JPEG: Fr. 0.35 per photo
  • Scanning at 1200 dpi, JPEG: Fr. 0.50 per photo

Negative or Diapositive Digitizing

  • Scanning at 4000 dpi, JPEG: Fr. 0.50 per negative or diapositive

Photo Organizig

We can help you with sorting , preparing the photos for scanning, establishing a filing system that will fit your needs, organizing digital photos in filing system and backing up your memories to a secure location. Our hourly rate is Fr. 75. 

Refer a friend

If you are happy with our service, please recommend us to your family and friends. Referrals are very important to us for growing our business.  

We would like to thank you for your referral by rewarding you with a gift certificate of Fr. 100.- off your next organizing service for any person you send our way and becomes our client for a minimum of 6 hours project. 


Gift certificates

Offer someone the gift of having a space to love, a space in balance, a space that inspires. Whether it’s a busy mom, new homeowners, expecting parents or an elderly family member, the gift certificate will make a long lasting difference in their lives.

Send us an email to request a gift certificat. 

Please ensure the person you intend to offer the gift to is ready to work with a professional organizer.