Photo Organizing

...Because every picture tells a story...

Do you have photos of your children, family and friends all over the house, basement and attic, different devices and social media platforms? Do you feel overwhelmed gathering and organizing them so they can be cherished for generations to come? Preserving family memories is a great responsibility and with it comes great stress.

We can help!

Why keeping your family photos in paper format is not a good idea?

  • It is difficult to preserve paper photos; time will put its imprint even thought the photos are saved in best conditions possible;

  • There are limitations of sharing them with family members and friends due to limited numbers of copies available or the inconvenience of reprinting them from negatives;

  • Paper pictures are difficult to organized by different criteria; if you have them organized chronologically by year it would be difficult to reorganize by, let's say, child;

  • It is impossible to create a backup; if your photos and negatives are gone, they are gone forever;

  • It is difficult to search for a particular photo especially if the pictures are stored shoebox style.

We can help…

Sorting your pictures

Preparing for scanning

Digitizing your photos and negatives

Organizing in filing system that works for you

Backing up your memories



Photo digitizing is the way to go

  • ♦ No more stress of losing the precious family photos
  • ♦ The pictures are safe from fire, flooding, moisture damage or passage of time

  • ♦ No clutter, no physical burden

  • ♦ Easy to share with members of the family and friends

  • ♦ Easy to make amazing wall art, photo albums or trendy gifts like coffee mugs, calendars, T-shirts, etc. 

  • ♦ Your photos are just a click away when you feel nostalgic