Our history

I am very happy to meet you!

My name is Oxana Manolescu, the founder of the Love Your Space. I have been asked many times how I end up as a professional organizer from a degree in economics and a carrier in finance. 

Over the years, I leaved in several countries and moved multiple times.

My last move was to Switzerland as my husband accepted a job. Once again, I was the one organizing and decorating our house. Doing that, I realized, this is something I really enjoy. I went down the memory lane and I remember my childhood. I remembered a book that was dear to me.

On my next visit to my parents I found it. Let me tell you, it showed a lot of were and tear. I used to read it all the time. The main character is a little girl that knew to do every thing around the house, from cooking and backing to laundry and sewing and decorating. She was so organized and she had the neatest house ever. I used to love her and wanted to be like her.

So the passion for order and beautiful rooms design was always  there! This was the moment I decided to follow my passion and help other people, like you, to achieve an organized place that can be enjoyed by the entire family. 

I want you to experience the joy of having an organized house and always to come home to a place that inspires and relaxes you!

Whether you need help organizing, packing to move or unpacking and getting settled into a new place, we are happy to help so you can enjoy the long-lasting difference our work could make.

My best regards,

Oxana Manolescu