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Oxana is a very intelligent, brilliant and efficient organizer. She joins her geometric reflection to a real gift of organizing. She built me ​​an extraordinary library with which she managed to overcome what seemed like a major obstacle. It seemed impossible for me to have a library while keeping my piano, given the  small size of my studio. Well, Oxana has succeeded! The library is not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful. My visitors admire it every time.

The dresser she installed next to my bed added so much needed storage and functionality. 

Because of my small studio, Oxana used vertical space to create storage. This way, she redesigned a functional and cozy office corner where I can work comfortably.   

I am admiring her ability to recycle and repurpose giving old furniture new life. A piece of furniture I thought I would throw away got flipped around and moved into the kitchen creating a cute mini salon.

Before, I couldn’t move around boxes of books, clothes and nonfunctional furniture. Now, every thing has its place and my studio looks so much bigger. 

With enthusiasm, I recommend Oxana to anyone who needs a professional organizer.

Charlotte Meyer-Wydra 


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We value the high level of trust our clients place in us, so you can be assured of 100% confidentiality and privacy


100% Judgement-Free

As a client you are dear to us and we work hard to improve you life quality and provide you with support and guidance if needed.


Inspiration and Motivation

We recognize that organizing your life and home can be a difficult and scary task. Therefore, we know how important is to motivate and inspire you to embrace this process and achieve your goal.


Fun and Positivity

Our work requires a bit of inspiration and a lot of creativity and we believe that only a relaxed and positive atmosphere can help achieve that.


No pressure to throw away anything

Our role is to guide and support when you are making decisions regarding your belongings. We believe in recycling and sustainability therefore we encourage and help our clients to reuse and repurpose as much as possible.


organizing systems customized to you

Our focus is to organize your home to fit your lifestyle and to achieve a look you desire. We organize with you in mind and all our organizing plans and systems are personalise to you and your family.

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